Who we are


Stefan Schreiber, PhD, P. Biol.

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Stefan is a biologist and researcher with over 15 years of academic training in designing field experiments, data analysis, and interpretation of scientific results. His work is focused on applied research questions in forestry, forest reclamation, and ecophysiology. He has also taught university courses in univariate and multivariate statistics. Stefan’s passion lies in data organisation and visualisation of scientific results in R. He holds a PhD in Forest Biology and Management from the University of Alberta.

Stefan can also run really really far without stopping.



David Roberts, PhD

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David is a researcher and data analyst in the field of ecological statistics, with a particular focus on quantitative landscape analyses, climate change risk assessments, and predictive modelling. He holds a PhD in Conservation Biology from the University of Alberta, and has worked in academic and private sector research for the last decade. David’s key strengths are in statistical modelling and data visualisation in R, scientific writing, and GIS applications.

​David can also ride his bike up and down really steep things.