EnviroStats Solutions provides fast and rigorous environmental statistics, data analysis, visualisation, and interpretation.

We also provide customisable professional training in statistics, data management, and visualisation within the R programming environment.

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What we offer

Statistics and Analytics

Rigorous data analysis using up-to-date statistical techniques. Appealing and creative data visualisation to ensure effective results and information dissemination.


Training Courses

Hands-on courses in data analysis and graphics using the R Language for Statistical Computing and Graphics. Covering all topics from introductory coding and analysis to advanced statistical applications and graphics.


Scientific Communication and Consultation

Consultation on experimental design, data collection, and data management. Scientific proposal and grant writing support. Conference poster design.



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Who we are


Stefan Schreiber, PhD, P. Biol.

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Stefan is a biologist and researcher with over 15 years of academic training in designing field experiments, data analysis, and interpretation of scientific results. His work is focused on applied research questions in forestry, forest reclamation, and ecophysiology. He has also taught university courses in univariate and multivariate statistics. Stefan’s passion lies in data organisation and visualisation of scientific results in R. He holds a PhD in Forest Biology and Management from the University of Alberta.


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